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These raccoon earrings are a unique gift to add to anyone’s jewelry collection! From afar these earrings may seem like simple gray and black stone earrings, but once you get a bit closer you will be able to recognize these fun little woodland creatures. They are carefully crafted critters, sure to liven up any outfit. What better way to show off your fun and woodsy side than with these adorable earrings? Racoons are known for their slyness, dexterity, pride, and desire to explore and discover new things. If you know someone with similar traits this could be an excellent gift to show recognition to their strengths. It can also help someone to explore these characteristics and work on strengthening them. These earrings come in two sizes. The larger pair are ¾ inches in length and the smaller pair are ¼ inch. The lever backs are made of sterling silver and close securely, to ensure comfortable wear all day long.  

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