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About Designs by Zenmundi ~


The mission is to bring peace of mind to an overworked world.

Because there's so little time in the day to just sit down and relax, I've designed jewelry that brings that moment of Zen directly to you...

I combine the metaphysical powers of natural stones and gems with the healing properties of essential oils. The combination works holistically to heal the mind, body, and soul. You'll finally be able to enjoy a bit of calm during your hectic schedule with NO extra effort involved.


Jewelry with purpose

In today's world, everyone seems to be in such a rush...

Maybe your job keeps you burning the candle at both ends every day. Perhaps you have one child playing in mud while the other is finger-painting on the dog. Or maybe you have a Final Exam, two papers, and six homework assignments ALL due tomorrow.

Life keeps you busy. There's no way around it.

Embrace Your Serenity

Every piece of jewelry - every collection - is made with the purpose of bringing harmony back to your life. My goal is to let a little spark of Zen shine through the chaos.

Everything is artisan made and NOT mass produced.

So, if you've been searching for a unique and personalized piece of jewelry that will bring serenity to either you or a loved one...

My designs are 100% for you. 



About Gwynstone Originals Designs (also find Gwynstone Originals on ETSY!)


Gwynstone sees each of her handmade pieces as an expression of her life experiences. Her academic focus on the global seas was born of a longtime passion for nature and connection. Together, her interests led her to travel seeking shores and open waters to connect with the unexpected. Her eye is drawn to gemstones that evoke sea, sky and sand, interspersing them with silvery ripples of sterling silver components.


Gwynstone’s designs emphasize the organic, raw materials that have become increasingly precious as natural resources diminish. While her science background certainly informs her work, the influences of nature dominate, permeating her handcrafted jewelry with the colors of nature, the undulations of water and wind, the passion of fire, and the luminous translucence of clean air.
She sees the integration of materials as power of mind and body that support focus and clarity as central to her designs. These creations are sensual but strong and are effortlessly assimilated into a woman’s every movement.


Everyone who gives a Gwynstone Originals handmade gift knows they are getting a gift that is authentic, unique, and made with the receiver in mind.


The Story of Gwnstone Originals:

Before the creation of Gwynstone Originals as a budding handmade gift venue, she was a college professor teaching marine science. Then one day a friend showed her how to work with semi-precious gemstones to make a necklace, after seeing the beauty of ocean jasper dancing among sterling silver beads she was hooked.


Selling in person at fair and art walks was wonderful in sunshine but not so much in rain!


It was then decided to set out to create an online site that would allow people to find and attain these great gift items so people who need help finding that cool gift that no one else will find for them can browse as long as they like rain or shine.


And then there is Vesoterica ....


All of them rolled into one great place !