Cardinal Red Bird Metal Bookmark

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If you love red birds and you love reading, then this cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)

This porcelain bird bookmark is the perfect addition for your bookmark collection. The bird on this bookmark is beautifully detailed and portrays the amazingness of this wonderful little creature.  

The red bird hangs from a silver hook adding extra style to your favorite book or gift it to your friend to use on their own book. The bookmark is thin enough that it does not bend the spine of the book and is nearly 7 inches long. If you are interested in a different animal bookmark, we have you covered just reach out and let us know. I also have chickadees, blue jays, blue birds, yellow finches , hummingbirds and crows.

The most common interpretation of a cardinal is a message from a departed loved one. Whenever you see one, it signifies that they are visiting you. They generally appear when you need or miss them the most. They also come through moments of joy and sorrow to let you know they will always be there for you.  Also they are the state bird of Ohio where my studio is! I never get tired of seeing or hearing them.  They are busy little birds! Although the red males represent the northern cardinal usually, I think the beautiful females are just as wonderful.

Gwynstone personally creates and makes all the gifts in the shop! Due to the natural materials, there might be some slight differences in the item you receive.



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