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Laughing Budhha the happy one. These carved onyx stone buddha will bring a peaceful smile the wearer. A great gift for her. Small but powerful ancient smiling Budai will bring the wearer lots of zen style luck! A great gift for her are a pair of happy buddha earrings! These onyx laughing buddha earrings are happy buddha earrings. Your gal will love to wear cheerful buddha jewelry. A zen gift for her. This version is also called Hotei or Budai or Pu-Tai and was actually a different entity than buddha, less serene and more jolly! Take yourself back to your roots with these earrings that are a certain conversation starter. You can feel Hotei making you happy. A gift for him too, ask me about only one I can do that :) Carved onyx is a great stone to give. Buhhdas are quarter inch carved onyx and dangle almost half an inch from your ear. On lever back findings, even though buddha would never considering leaving your ears, these finding will be sure he stays put! Gwynstone personally creates and makes all the gifts in the shop! Due to the natural materials there might be some slight differences in the item you receive, the amazing thing about creations that are made with natural stone and other material! Each gift is unique and personal and Oh so easy for you to get quickly for that special touch (or for your treat to yourself too :)
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