Bee Earrings with Natural Stone Accent Bead

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These honeybee earrings are sure to boost anyone’s mood while wearing them. The bead is a mood bead that will change to an array of colors to match an ever-changing mood. There is a moo-kite faceted jasper accent on these beautiful earrings as well. The earrings range from a leafy green color to intense turquoise, to a deep burgundy red and purple. Bees represent community, personal power, and brightness. Embody the bee and discover endless new destinations. What better reminder to have on your body than one that inspires wise thinking, and the attraction to the Divine. The little bees are about 3/4 across inch and dangle about 1 and 3/4 from sterling silver lever backs. Sterling silver-filled lever back ear wires are made up of an outer layer of sterling silver surrounding a copper-alloy core. These items are 10% sterling silver, making them 1/10 silver filled. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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