Sunflower Earrings of Carved Carnelian

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Step into fall with our cheerful Sunflower Carved Carnelian earrings.

Carnelian is a bold energy that captivates and gives a first glimpse of autumn. It resembles warmth, joy and empowerment. It also symbolizes motivation, endurance, leadership and courage.

The sunflower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity as well as happiness. Combining the bold Carnelian energy with a sunflower’s happiness is a recipe for a beautiful look and positive vibes. These sunflower carnelian earrings provide an unmatched energy you will feel and others will want to feel.

Choose from three different hues to match any fall outfit. Hues and designs include clear tones, circular orange lever backs or dark brown carved flowers. Bring joy to your life or someone else’s life through a gift of Sunflower Carved Carnelian Earrings.

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