Elephant Carved Stone Earrings

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Elephants have a special mystique, they represent strength and loyalty and matriarchy! Who do you know who want to be reminded of these amazing creatures by wearing elephant earrings? These carved stone hematite animals have great detail. They dangle just over an inch and the pachyderms are 3/4 inches trunk to tail. On lever back ear wires so they will not swing their trunks out of your lobes! Elephants are the physical representation of strength, power, longevity, cooperative spirit, and loyalty. Remind your friend of their elephant-like strengths and let them know you recognize all that they do. They will always be thinking of you when wearing these earrings. The lever back is made of sterling silver. They will not irritate your ears, and close securely so that you can wear these earrings all day with complete ease. Trunks turn up for good luck! I also have elephant earrings in tiger eye, quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, kumbaba jasper, dalmation jasper, and opalite. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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