MANATEE Hematite Carved Earrings

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If you are looking for the cutest way possible to dress up any outfit, you need to own these cute manatee earrings. These carved stone, hematite, drop earrings make the perfect accent to any outfit. They can be for a manatee lover, water lover or animal lover in general. They are carved with great detail and the hematite makes the earrings shiny and smooth. Hematite often represents security and survival. These make a great gift for those who are in need of a reminder that they can survive anything thrown their way and to be secure in their beliefs and their surroundings. The earrings are 3/4” long and ½” tall on a lever back to ensure they do not swim out of your eyes. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations. Quartz are clear - Rose Quartz is pink Goldstone is sparkly orange Blue Goldstone in dark sparkly blue Aventurine is mint green Turquoise is howlite type Obsidian is matte black Jasper is brown and reds Sodalite is blue and grays speckles, but I am often out of that color so not a variation here in this listing, you can check for it in my shop to see if I have inventory in that stone. I sometimes have opalite too that is really pretty. I can make necklaces too ... just contact me to ask if you want to see what stones I have to work with!
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