Humpback Whale Earrings of Carved Nephrite

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Are you looking to make a SPLASH with a gift for a special ocean lover in your life? These blue whale earrings are the perfect earrings! They are a beautiful deep olive green that is sure to add a sleek look of sophistication to any outfit. They are carefully carved with a lovely amount of detail. It gives these earrings a very quality and high-end look, without breaking the bank! Gift that special someone something that they can wear proudly and show off their favorite animal.

Whales symbolize compassion, solitude, and immense knowledge about life and death. This is a lovely message for a wise person in your life to show your gratitude for their kindness and maturity. The blowhole of a whale symbolizes the release of your creative energies. With these earrings, learn to embody your fierce creativity and find passion in a new hobby!

The whales are ¾ inches tall from fluke to rostrum.