Green Art Glass Tablespoon Scoop for Coffee or Tea

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This Spring Green Art Glass Tablespoon Scooper  Art Glass Bead and metal scoop is the most unique gift for anyone. Its primary function is to be a bath salt scooper, however you may else use this as a coffee or tea scoop. If you know someone that needs a little bit of pizzazz in their life, this scoop is the perfect scoop to incorporate into bath time. They are sure to feel like a one of a kind experience with this handcrafted beaded scoop.

They will no longer need to worry about accidentally pouring too much or too little bath salts into their bath, because this scoop will measure out the perfect amount. If your gift recipient is not the biggest bath person, then this scoop can also be used for tea or coffee. This scoop is sure to elevate the at home coffee and tea making experience. They will want to ditch the coffee shop and make their drinks from home with this luxurious scoop.

The silver scoop measures one tablespoon.

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