Green Art Glass Silver Desk Set Magnifier Letter Opener

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Looking for a unique gift that no one else will think to buy? This beautiful art glass silver desk is the perfect gift! Get a magnifying glass and letter opener to display your good taste!

The handles are composed of stylish and handsome art glass spring green foiled beads, that makes these useful office tool pieces of art by themslves!

The conteporary style of the of the art glass beads compliments the sleek silver metal that the magnifier lens and letter opener use as the base.  Easy to hold but feels durable and made with care and quality. It is an untraditional gift that anyone would be so pleased to receive. The magnifier can be used to view art in all of its finest details. It can also be used in the office or for observing any small details you can think of!

This magnifier is easy to transport and will allow you to experience anything down to its tiniest detail. This magnifier lens is 2 inches across for the glass part that magnifies, and the whole handheld magnifier is 5 and 3/4 inches from handle to top! A great quality and clear image magnifier that is 4 to 5X. The letter opener has a 5 invh blade.