Blue Bird of Happiness Bookmark

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Ready to take reading to the next level? Ditch the flimsy paper bookmark and boring old sticky note and try out these beautiful, hand-crafted blue bird bookmark. This is the perfect gift for someone that likes to read. It is something that every bookworm needs, but rarely thinks to get for themselves.

This intricately painted porcelain bird will bring livelihood to any reading experience. It can even be placed in an office or on a dresser to add a fun and unique touch to any space.

Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) symbolize hope, love, and renewal.  Blue birds are the essence of life and beauty. Dreaming of bluebirds often represents happiness, joy, fulfillment, hope, prosperity, and good luck.  

Gwynstone personally creates and makes all the gifts in the shop! Due to the natural materials there might be some slight differences in the item you receive, but the amazing thing about my creations is that they are made with natural stone and other material!

Blue Bird of Happiness Bookmark, also find other songbirds at!


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