Sodalite Minimalist Bar Choker

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Start your day with a dose of calm and serenity when you put on this delicate Sodalite & Shell Chip Gemstone Choker. Feel the ocean breeze and bring to your day a sense of tranquility with this simple addition to your body. Enjoy the soft blues and subtle tones of this minimalist choker as it brings you relief from stress and anxiety. Let the natural healing energies infuse your day and create an aura of inner peace and balance. Soak up the cheerfulness of the ocean with this beautiful, handmade choker and experience the power of revitalizing your energy, mind and spirit.

Bring the Cheerful Blue Ocean Breeze to your daily routine while wearing this minimalist sodalite and shell chip gemstone choker necklace.  The Caribbean waters in the British Virgin Islands range from this turqoise green to all the colors of sodalite blue, and when sailing you feel the simplicity of the water and air so the first piece of this collection I designed had to represent that. 

Choose from 3 styles, blue and white alternating stones, full sodalite in soft blues, or chunky turquoise for the greener waters near shore! Choose a 16 inch choker for a delicate neck, and for a more generous length select 18 inches. Closed with a delicate lobster clasp.

Sodalite Minimalist Necklace - Shell and Gemstone Chip, Point of Sail Necklace, delicate choker, casual sailing days. This is such a great delicate design, i can make it with many other types of stones, so if you wish for other types of stones just contact me. For this collection I chose the colors closest to the blue waters of the BVIs!

All designs are made by Gwynstone in her home studio and sent to you in a gift box ready for giving or keeping! This necklace design is the signature piece of Gwynstone's BVI Blues Collection 2023.

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