Secret Prayer Barrel Necklace for Zen Calm

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This lovely secret chamber can hold your prayers, essential oils, or special trinket to keep it close, The stainless steel barrel had a top that screws off and is embossed with the mantra om ni padme hum.

There’s a good reason why the OM MANI PADME HUM mantra is at the heart of many Zen traditions.

It is because every Zen teaching is believed to reside within this one powerful mantra. It is repeated over and over again to invoke the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion. Secret Prayer Barrel Necklace for Zen Calm

Whether said out loud or silently to oneself, this is one mantra you’ll want to practice to connect with your innately loving and compassionate nature.

22 inch chain is included, but other length can be sent by request.



This is part of the zen heart collection

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