Sacred Geometry Merkaba Bookmark with Hematite

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Elevate your frequency! Use this sacred geometric symbol the merkaba. It has many meanings to different peoples but will mean a great gift from you to the ready you know! The sacred geometry symbol of the merkaba can be used within meditation to access higher states of consciousness and expand awareness. It can be used as a focal point that helps you create a protective ‘chariot’ about you while meditating. Energetically speaking, when you visualize yourself meditating within a merkaba, you can elevate your frequency and vibration. The merkaba of balanced and spinning triangles can help in connecting with the Divine, especially when combined with meditation and breathing techniques. You can more readily tap into your inner power and carry it with you in everything you do in daily life. A true merkaba is a 3D symbol that is made out of two triangles facing opposite directions while placed within one another. The triangle pointing upward is a symbol for masculine energy, while the one pointing downward represents feminine energy. The entire 3D symbol spins clockwise. This is a powerful symbol that can also act as a reminder that you are protected and able to access higher consciousness. Looking to surprise the bookworm in your life? This bookmark is a stunning piece that will reinvent their reading experience completely. Composed of an intricately carved silver spine and a hematite merkaba, this bookmark is sure to wow! Ditch the boring old piece of paper or sticky note to keep your place and try using this beautiful piece. It can be used in journals, books, or even serve as décor when not in use. The silver base measures 7.5 inches long and is thin but will not bend the spine of a book. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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