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You can never have too many earrings! These would make a great gift for BF who is a parrot head or just likes kitch! Pink Flamingo earrings are a perfect tropical themed gift who can use some flamingo jewelry ? 2 funny for words very pink birds in large or ask me about my tiny option. Flamingos dangle about an inch and are about an inch and a half beak to tail -- big and a bit gawky just like they are (but thei tiny ones are under a quarter inch!) ! You can never have too many earrings! Hand painted ceramic animal earrings are the perfect gift for your beach bum or parrot head. Lever back ear wires are sterling silver and close completely so they do not slip out of your ears and are designed with a wider opening and strong hinged closure for durability with style and an open loop. One of a kind earrings, handmade and individually created items can vary so each set of earrings is unique. Gift box ready for your gifting needs Many other animals and great handmade gifts are found in your secret gift spot.

  I work with jasper, amethyst, turquoise, ammonite, and onyx among my top favorites. I also love to find adorable animals to make earring with and keep a watch for those exotics like duck-bill platypus, blue whale, hedgehog, farm animals, birds like owls and flamingos, zoo animals anything I think is wonderful (and I love all animals so that is easy!)

Gwynstone personally creates and makes all the gifts in the shop! Due to the natural materials there might be some slight differences in the item you receive.  

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