Lotus aromatherapy necklace

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This beautiful lotus aromatherapy necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to bring zen into your everyday life. The sleek silver will hang brilliantly around your neck. The lotus blossom is simple yet looks luxuriously crafted. Lotus flowers represent the ability to overcome hardship. The lotus blossom roots grow in the dirtiest, darkest waters, yet still produce a beautiful flower. This message is one that can be applied to human life too and its challenges that are presented. Even though we may be going through a really tough time, the end result will produce something beautiful. To take advantage of its aromatherapy benefits, simply open the lotus chamber and apply your desired scent. You can then enjoy hours of your favorite scent. It is also very customizable so that you can choose a scent that matches your mood for the day. The silver snake chain with a small lobster clasp is 16 inches long. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations. For Tree of Life or Heart Charm see my other listings, you can search for heart or tree of life.
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