Leo Zodiac Sign Coffee Mug

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Add a splash of color to your morning coffee or tea ritual ! Who do you know that is a Leo zodiac sign? Anyone who likes to check their horoscope would love to be sipping from a mug with a hamsa protective hand orginal desgin of thier own constellation and horosope sign.

What color inside is the best fit for the Leo you know, thier fiery side might love red but you can also choose sunny Yellow, Blue, or Black. They will love to look at thier constelation while they face the new day!

This hamsa hand of protection zodiac sign mug will add a fun theme to an evening tea as well.

These ceramic mugs not only have an original design on them, but also a colorful rim, handle, and inside, so the mug is bound to spice up your mug rack.

• Ceramic • Height: 3.85" (9.8 cm)

• Diameter: 3.35" (8.5 cm)

• White print area

• Color rim, inside, and handle

• Dishwasher and microwave safe

The sun is the center of our galaxy, and fire dazzles everyone, Leos are happiest at the center of their universe and be the focus of everyone they come across. This is not selfishness as everything a Leo does they believe in with all their heart.   Leos are full of love and are warm, passionate, and dynamic.

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