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Do you know someone in love with the sea? This little piece of ocean life is the perfect piece to carry along day to day to be reminded of the sea. The turtle is hand painted and is carefully crafted to swim along from your neck effortlessly. What better way to express your interests and likes than to wear them proudly on your chest? Turtles represent endurance, persistence, longevity, and the cycle of life. This necklace could be a beautiful way to encourage a friend or loved one to keep persisting as they do and show that you recognize their hard work in life. It can also just be a fun piece to spice up your wardrobe! Turtles are cute little animals and this piece would definitely liven up any outfit. The pendant is 1 inch long. This price is for the pendant only, I can send along a chain at a custom length, please let me know what length you prefer. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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