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Check out (no payment information needed!) to get your free printable with your individualized floriography and aromatherapy essential oil blend recipes to load into your aromatherpy jewelry!

Citrus aromatherapy (Daisy) ~ Infused with the tangy essence of citrus fruits, these aromas are lively and energetic.

Floral aromatherapy (Rose) ~ Sweet and romantic, these scents are the "good girls" of the fragrance aisle.

Fruity aromatherapy (Tulip) ~ Like a cheerleader with a wicked side, fruity perfumes are fresh and spicy.

Green aromatherapy (Wildflowers) ~ Smelling of fresh leaves and newly-mown grass, the green fragrances are a natural and energetic group.

Oriental aromatherapy (Lotus) ~ Dreaming of far off places and of oriental type perfumes where the fragrance is exotic and distinctly sensual, these feature an earthy, animalistic base scent.

Oceanic aromatherapy (Lavender) ~ Evoking natural aromas such as mountain air, ocean spray or clean linen these modern scents are sure to please the adventurous spirit and soothe both mind and body.

Spicy aromatherapy (Poppy) ~ Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what these aromas smell like.

Woody (Chypre) aromatherapy (Sunflower) ~ Built on base notes of bark and moss, conjuring winding forest paths these unisex fragrances are the yin and yang, not masculine not feminine just true to nature.