Dragon Bookmark with Rose Quartz Carved Dragon

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Looking to surprise the bookworm in your life? This dragon bookmark is a stunning piece that will reinvent their reading experience completely. Composed of an intricately carved silver spine and a majestic rose quartz stone, this bookmark is sure to wow! Ditch the boring old piece of paper or sticky note to keep your place and try using this beautiful piece. It can be used in journals, books, or even serve as décor when not in use. Rose quartz is the stone of love, making this a very fitting gift for your loved ones. This stone will help you communicate your emotions clearly and concisely. This stone’s healing powers are excellent to keep close by to bring rejuvenating energy into your love life. It’s luxurious look is enough to be on display in any space, without a cost that will break the bank. The silver stick measures 7.5 inches long and is thin but will not bend the spine of a book. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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