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Make a splash with this lovely dolphin necklace! This piece is a stunning black and grey speckled necklace that looks very carefully carved and crafted. Take a piece of the ocean with you anywhere you go with this necklace. Feel free to express your interest and love for aquatic life with your jewelry! Dolphins are cheery and an intelligent animal and this is sure to bring out the inner dolphin in you! Dolphins represent balance, harmony, protection, and confidence. Snowflake obsidian is a stone of purity. It evokes balance, for the three main areas: body, mind, and spirit. It assists its wearer in breaking harmful patterns and perseverance into new journeys. For a smaller frame, request 14 to 16 inches, for a larger frame 16 to 18-inch chain makes this necklace ride on the clavicle for the best look. Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.
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