Dalmatian Jasper Cube Earrings

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Don't miss out on these Dalmatian Jasper Cube Earrings! With their unique pattern and healing benefits, they are an accessory you'll love and reach for time and time again. Get them now and experience the luxury of natural gemstone jewelry.

Dalmatian jasper is known for its healing properties, believed to promote grounding and balance in body, mind, and spirit. Its speckled black and white pattern has been compared to the spots on a Dalmatian dog, making these earrings the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals.

Enjoy the luxury of having handmade, artisan designed jewelry that is crafted from natural gemstones, providing you with a unique, one-of-a-kind fashion statement. With the Dalmatian Jasper Cube Earrings, you can feel confident that you are wearing a timeless, classic piece that will stand the test of time.

Sacred Geometry are geometric shapes that have deep metaphysical meaning behind them. Besides being beautiful, they often have interesting mathematical properties and loads of history and symbolism. These geometric designs have been used by humans since ancient times in art, decor, and in religious and spiritual contexts. The new age movement has renewed interest in these elegant and cool-looking shapes, and people are using them to explore the self and their place in the universe.

Lever back Ear wires
1.5 inch in Length
Artisan made in 925 Sterling Silver