Barn Owl Bookmark

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Wisely fly your stories to a new heights with this wonderful barn owl bookmark. This beautiful porcelain barn owl is perched on the end of a silver squiggly bookmark.  This piece is nice enough to keep on display, the details are lovely. You can place it in your office or home when you’re not reading and bring a little wise owl vibe to any room. Enliven you bookshelf with the raptor extraordinaire.

When you’re ready to dive into a new book, this bookmark is sure to bring an added layer of focus to your reading experience. If you know someone that loves owls or loves to read, but don’t know what book to get them, this is the perfect gift! A bookmark is a unique way to acknowledge their interests and get them something that they wouldn’t usually think to get themselves.

The bookmark measures almost alittle over 6 inches long.  The detail is excellent on this porcelain animal statue. The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the mostly widely distributed owl across the whole globe! The only spot you do not find them are in the desserts or polar areas.  As for this bookmark, this is my last one of this kind so if you want it to fly your way purchase now !


Shop gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations. That just makes each one of a kind!


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