Puffin Porcelain Animal Bookmark

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Puffin birds are so colorful ! What bird lover you know would smile with a gift of such a lovely porcelain animal bookmark?

The metal squiggle base is 7 inches long and is thin so will not harm the spine of the book.  

This wonderful gift for a book lover is lovely hanging out of the book on the bookshelf, or waiting for the next read.

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) are interesting birds and are only found north in the colder climates.  Their beaks are notched and they can carry many small fish in it using these special features to bring back food to their nest.   Some people see pictures of puffins and do not believe they are real.

My favorite handmade gifts are those that have an ocean theme. Because my creations are handmade you can expect slight variations, but that makes each gift I make one of a kind and unique! This puffin bird bookmark will please the bird watcher you know. 

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