Mermaid Color Change Earrings

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Bring the mermaids to you, in the form of transforming earrings of course. Enchanting Sirens of the Deep will join you as you swim through your day. Any mermaid lover will want to be seen wearing the knot to be missed nautical themed orbs. The color changes from deep blue to ocean greens and colors across the rainbow when the temperature is right. Yes these earrings will be distracting at the next meeting!

They dangle just under an inch and swim around the bead head to tail. No swimming away from the lever back ear wires, try as they may to escape to their grotto, they will be bound to stay with you! There is a thermo-sensitive liquid crystal layer on top. It's that liquid layer that makes the magic happen! The bead is 17x19mm, the swirl adds another 1/2 inch to the dangle. The mermaids wrap around the bead enchantingly.

Gwynstone Original gifts are all handmade and slight variation may occur in many of my creations.

All designs are made by Gwynstone in her home studio and sent to you in a gift box ready for giving or keeping! These mermaids that change by the minute are hard to capture and more lovely even in person. They called out to be part of Gwynstone's BVI Blues Collection 2023.  

You can see a sampling of the colors you can achieve in the pictures. The color change is subtle and fun! here are the emotions these Siren will stir in you:

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