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You can now bring the ocean along with you wherever you go with our gorgeous glass, ocean wave earrings.

Lamp worked blue and white swirl together to create the beautiful ocean dangling from your ears. These earrings are perfect for the beach lover or water lover. They also make the perfect gift before you head to the beach or out on a cruise. Share your passion for the water and ocean that you love right on your ears!

The earrings are on a lever back, are sterling silver and are saltwater approved. They will stay put in your ears all day long whether you are out swimming in the ocean or getting a tan on the beach. They dangle 1.5 inches and the discs are just under 1 inch wide.

The symbolism of waves is associated with the "circle of life", "mystery," "transformation", "strength", and "power".

Wearing these earrings is a reminder that life is constantly in motion. It is moving forward, fighting the obstacles, and changing direction along the way. You have ups and downs and moments of intensity and calm.

The mysterious power waves illustrate as they are unpredictable and full of surprises.

Maybe the transformative nature of waves is what draws you to this design ? Standing on the beach and watching waves, you might see one that looks as if it will flood the whole place. Towering over the other waves, it may seem like it is going to crash down with a lot of force. But then, at the last moment, it shrinks down and becomes small and harmless.

At work you might need that extra boost of power and strength that a wave can symbolize. The ability of waves to move large objects and shape the landscape is a true representation of strength. This powerful wave symbolism encourages us to constantly strive to reach our fullest potential but also serves as a reminder to never give up, no matter how tough the challenge may seem.

Are you never static, always in motion, always shifting and changing like a wave that is constant and with a relentless flow that transforms everything touched ?

We constantly change and evolve as we ride the waves of life. Just as the wave shapes the shore, we, too, get shaped by our experiences and the people we meet. Wearing these wave earrings can keep you afloat!

All designs are made by Gwynstone in her home studio and sent to you in a gift box ready for giving or keeping! These art glass earrings are part of Gwynstone's BVI Blues Collection 2023. Also found at Join the Gwynsider VIPs for special discount with a secret pirate code for you to use at checkout ! Point your compass here to join (copy and past, submit your name and email and after confirming that pirate treasure will be yours! ) 

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