Rainforest Frog Bookmark Reader Gift

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Rainforest Frog Bookmark Reader Gift is a lovely blue porcelain figure bookmark that will make you reading time hoppy!

The blue arrow dart frog or blue arrow frog (Dendrobates azureus) is  found in the tropical forests

If you love frogs and you love reading, then this blue frog bookmark is the perfect addition for your bookmark collection. The snail on this bookmark is beautifully detailed and portrays the amazingness of this wonderful little creature. Slow down like a snail, enjoy your book and when you are done reading save your place with this cute bookmark.


The porcelain beauty in azure blue hangs from a silver hook adding extra style to your favorite book or gift it to your friend to use on their own book.


The bookmark is thin enough that it does not bend the spine of the book and is nearly 7 inches long. If you are interested in a different animal bookmark, we have you covered just reach out and let us know.


Gwynstone personally creates and makes all the gifts in the shop! Due to the natural materials there might be some slight differences in the item you receive, but the amazing thing about my creations is that they are made with natural stone and other material!




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