Why we love natural stones, crystals, pure metals and symbols to adorn our bodies and enliven our day |

Posted by Enlivenadorn on 27th Aug 2022

Why we love natural stones, crystals, pure metals and symbols to adorn our bodies and enliven our day |

The Natural Stones we love by

Crystal and their Metaphysical Meanings that give us power:

Wearing, holding, or looking at natural stones is a way to feel your inner power. If you need some calm you can feel the stones, if you want to focus you can observe their unique qualities, and if you want to manifest your dreams there are always stones that are said to support your needs. There is never any good science to back up metaphysical claims, but so many people feel that they do the things intended. It really does not matter does it if it works!  

Pure Metals that connect us to the world:

Are you sliver, gold, or other metal addict. I have always been a silver sort of person and most of the jewelry and gifts I make use silver as a base with my stones. However, there is something very wonderful about a golden shine too!  I sure wish that copper did not go green when you wear it as I love the sunny tone to it.  For my creations I have to just admire copper from afar!

Symbols that give us meaning in moments of reflection :

One of my favorite collections I ever created was my zenmundi meaningful symbols. I spent hours reading and learning about the lotus flower and buddha.  I am not sure I ever sold any of these creations from my Zenmundi website when I had it, but, here is an example of one of my listings here that was first part of this collection. While making this great bracelet I saw a quote on instagram that I loved  too.

"Don't tell Ganesha how big your problems are .. tell your

problems how big your Ganesha is!"

You can find this great bracelet in my store here Ganesha Bangle

The ways handmade jewelry can adorn you:

I started out making earrings, then added necklaces, and finally worked on bracelets.  I find that I enjoy my bracelets to wear almost as much as my others these days. My favorite jewelry item I ever made with ocean jasper I even named "waveo"

" and won an aware in a Salon de Refuse!  It is still one of my favorite handmade necklace I ever created.

How handmade gifts can enliven your day:

I am finally thinking of how much fun I have had giving my handmade jewelry to family and friends. Just this week I secretly send a pair of sunflower earrings to a person I work with who is using them as a theme for her work this term.  I hope she loves them, not sure if she will ever figure out if they are from me, but it does not matter I just had so much fun making and sending them to her in secret! Handmade things seem more and more important these days when so many things are mass produced.  That is why I keep my ETSY shops open as people find my creations there more often than here.  

If you are already a Gwynsider VIP you know this, but if you happen on this and you are not, here are my ETSY stores, but most of my best items you can see right here at!

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